The Origines


Since 2007, the META.ID-s events are site specific workshops at Prague College or in Galleries and cultural spaces like MIKK (SLO), Lamparna Art Center (HR) or Hygienická stanice (CZ).

Those workshops created by LIBAT were proposing a collaborative, sensible and inter-media experience, inviting artists from Slovenia, France, Croatia or Czech Republic, students and technological experts from interdisciplinary fields to work in a collaborative experimental environment. Interested in the use of new media and new technologies in Arts and Design, we presented technological systems and principles like motion capture, MIDI protocols and sensors uses. All participants discussed and then created hybrid 3D multimedia environments, inter-connecting concepts, unlinear storytelling, aesthetics and technical know-how, proposing in between performance and installation, crossing media, contemporary interactive and navigable mixed architectures open to audience.

 META.ID-s II created by Libat in Labin in 2007 was one of the main foundation of the Underground City 3D/XXI project.