Underground Landscape in Gamerz05 # Installation

Last Tests and first portraits in "Underground Landscape", first interactive installation proposed by "Libat", part of the European project "Underground City XXI", and created in situ for the Gamerz # 5 Festival. Thanks to all our friends and especially to "M2F créations" for their generosity, great energy, knowhow and creative help !!! Pascal and Marie ;) http://www.festival-gamerz.com/ Underground Landscape, created by Pascal and Marie Silondi, is an interactive audiovisual installation where users are immersed simultaneously in multiple 3D cyber underground worlds projected in parallel in a gallery prey to erosion. This is an inside space, partitioned, a sounding board for dissonances, fractures and wandering of beings immured in the contemporary digital exhibition. Equipped with hammers increased by motion sensors, the new twenty-first minor may initiate his descent into abyss. There, he can explore a network of multimedia tunnels lined of pixilated shadows, virtual characters glued to frantic loops, mechanical rhythms and over-cadenced sounds, all inspired by past industrial revolution. Still under pressure and near to explosion, the belly can let escape at any moment an imperceptible lethal information sheet. Underground Landscape offers the user to multiply his influence, giving the opportunity by using a computer network, to interact simultaneously with the contents of several interconnected cyber tunnels. It is a schizophrenic installation-system, an organism sensitive to stimuli that can react however contradictory to their translation, proposing a non-linear and chaotic storytelling architecture that uses 3D gaming technologies for network to integrate and manipulate videos, sounds or 3D objects, and allows the "free" exploration of the virtual “triptyque” while multiplying viewpoints. Underground Landscape is the first installation end of the platform Underground City XXI project supported by the Culture 2008 Program of the European commission. The architecture of 3D tunnels is based on the actual dimensions of the ex-coal mines located in Labin, Croatia, and created using Lasers measurement and data processing carried by VIAS, Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science and Vienna University of Technology.