About UC3D # The Partners

Underground City 3D aims to establish a specific cultural, artistic and educational virtual community structured as an online collaborative and interdisciplinary 3D platform.
UC3D will be developed and implemented on the Internet as a futuristic and utopian 3D City inspired by European industrial history using the potential of contemporary multi-user Game technologies to create and present new type of mixed-media art works and performances that interconnect virtual and real environments.UC3D is a transnational Agora which will connect interactive media artists, architects, programmers, designers, interdisciplinary researchers, students through series of workshops, seminars and laboratories to imagine, create, share alternative models for building future European multicultural communities and elaborating new citizenship principles with the public participation.UC3D is based on a close collaboration between the artistic organisations, Libat (Fr), the international university PragueCollege (CZ), LAE (Hr), NomadTheatre (A), the architects organization Platforma_9.81 (Hr), The association M2F Créations (Fr) to foster cultural, artistic and academic European co-operation.
LIBAT (FR), founded in 2002 by Pascal Silondi, aims to stimulate the production and the diffusion of international artistic, interdisciplinary, multimedia and experimental projects. The association is proposing a hybrid and nomad “platform-laboratory” which is a tool of analysis, creation, and exchange for conceptual, artistic and technological studies. LIBAT is involved in the coordination of several artistic and cultural European projects with as scour objective the experimentation and the exploration of art, science and new technologies. LIBAT supports the creation of a dynamic European open-network inviting international artists, culture centers and researchers to foster the creation and the presentation of new media art models.
Prague College (Cz) is a British university in Prague offering a range of accredited British Bachelor and Master degree programs, as well as HNDs and professional diplomas: MSc International Management, BA (Hons) International Business Management, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media, HND Interactive Media, HND Computing, Short Courses. At Prague College a student will find: modular and flexible study programs, full-time, part-time and work-study options, short courses for non-program students, credit when transferring from other universities or colleges and a friendly, student-oriented international atmosphere.
LABIN ART EXPRESS XXI (HR) independent underground cultural and art association, established in 1991, based in the ex-coal mine in Labin, Region of Istria, Croatia. In 1993 L.A.E. established Radio L.A.E., the first independent radio station in Croatia, closed by governmental decision in 1996, and in 1998 the international multimedia Cultural Center “Lamparna” in one of abandoned ex-coal mine buildings. It was first step in realization of their fundamental project “Underground City XXI” – construction and establishment of futuristic underground town in the ex-coal mine. L.A.E. is not a clannish group of artists whose creativity is esoteric, but an esoteric cultural and art association cooperating with artists and “non-artists” who share the fundamental idea that “art today must be: young, fierce, all-encompassing, universal, modern, moral and synthetical.”
NomadTheatre (A), is developing contemporary forms of expression in performative, site-specific and so called theatrical context. Theatrical installations, performances are placed in specific contexts, situations and public activities are staged, thereby putting the conceptual reality into perspective, activating to its permanent recreation. Starting point of the work is thereby the origination of temporary areas of action and structured communication spaces. Such communication spaces are in principle virtual and are produced by means of different techniques in material, architectonic and various medial surroundings.
M2F Créations (Fr),  was created in 2003 with the aim of promoting artistic creation, cultural exchange including collaboration with structures and foreign artists and promote the social mix by introducing bridges between institutions, people and
cultural actors. It organizes and promotes cultural and artistic events. Since 2003 she has established partnerships with institutions such as the Ecole Superieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence the International Center for the Arts and New Technologies in Prague and many others. His projects such as the International Festival GAMERZ develop around issues of interactivity and diversion. Since 2007, through various projects supported by the European Culture 2007/2013 of the European Union it organizes exchanges with its European partners Turkey, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany teaching activities and mediation workshops, artist residencies and exhibitions.
Other UC Partners, Platforma_9.81 (Hr), M77 (CZ), DafLab (CZ), Vias (A), City Festival (Pl), Skutr (CZ), Mikk (Slo), CVUT (CZ), Festival Invaze (CZ), Trafacka Gallery (CZ)