Bulletin 02


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# Part I: Underground City Project (European Interdisciplinary Platform) Underground City in process_ (Pascal Silondi, Bruce Gahir, Aurelie Besson, Stefano Cavagnetto) Underground City XXI (George Allen) # Part II: Aesthetics, Numbers and Algorithms Equivalence in aesthetics (Veronika Douchova) How many numbers there are? (Radek Honzik) # Part III: Art and Design City Branding: can a graphic identity fully represent the city? (Oksana Shmygol) # Part IV: Business The Nature of Corporate Social Responsibility Examined from a Practical Perspective (Dung Viet Phan, Bruce Gahir) Adapting Porter Value Chain Analysis (Andy Cousins) # Part V: Educational Matters Student Research and the use of the Questionnaire (Dave Gannon) Cognitive processes of student researchers (Anna Boguszak)