Utopian Architecture Prototype

The interdisciplinary collaboration is also based on involving entities external from Prague College. During the 3rd workshop Jonáš Krýzl and Jan Císař, both students, the first one at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and second one in the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, made a case studies of the project interpreted here as an utopian architecture prototype. They worked on the issues of memory and collective memory and the preservation of information, connected with the cycles of life and death. They were imagining how in the platform there could be a place as a columbarium where dying « objects » which are about to face extinction could be brought to life again if someone would find them useful or would resurrect them somehow ... The columbarium would be then combined with a natarium where new things can be brought to life as if the energy of dying objects would be a new essence for new elements. They also imagined it as a database with properties of interacting with visitors and reacting to them according to their feelings. They also got inspired by the interactive installation prototype untitled Neurons and they worked on the idea that tunnel walls would be covered by connected neurons with information flowing between cells. A single information would be then visualized on cell for few seconds. The concept is also that the visitors would be able to feel the flow of information and to control the conditions of the organism. For example they could slow down the flow to check the single information or just enjoy the feel of flow around them.