UC3D # 3rd Prague workshop

Third Prague Workshop, “Creation and Implementation of 3D models and multimedia content in Underground City 3D Multiuser environments”

The main topics of the third Prague Workshop/Laboratory were:
Construction of 3D models and their integration into UC 3D multiuser environments,
Collaborative experimentations into 3D interactive multiuser environments,
2D/3D multimedia design and creation for the UC 3D multiuser environments.

We set up a temporary Hybrid Laboratory mainly in the Studios at Prague College, and we will create with all participants a 2 weeks evolving and creative environment to develop audiovisual identities for the 3D Underground City.

Artists, designers, architects, interdisciplinary researchers, IT, and students will design, create and implement 2D, 3D, 4D models to be used to build Underground City 3D experimental architecture models, prototypes for the future UC 3D virtual environment. Participants will mainly use 3D modeling tools and the 3D game engine Unity3D, presented during the Prague evaluation workshop. They will use as well audiovisual techniques, programming principles and interfaces to design, broadcast and interact within 3D interactive multiuser environments. The workshop end with a public presentation of the work developped during that session and a lecture about the Enigma machines by Stefano Cavagnetto.